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October is an awesome month in Arizona

The weather is cooler and the real estate market has shifted here in many areas to a buyers market. It is a great time to buy with the low interest rates and there is good inventory of homes to see right now also. This time of year everything changes in Arizona.  The weather starts it […]

Need more rain this winter

We have had little to no rain so far this winter. It is great when the sun is shining in the Valley of the Sun. As a matter of fact it is expected! We also have to deal with the fact that this is the desert southwest and we have had droughts for most of […]

Warm Monday in January in the Arizona Desert

It seems like the typical January in the southest valley of Phoenix where the sun is shining, the air is clear and the temps are ideal for a round of golf or a nice hike in South Mountain Park. Who would want to be anywhere but the Valley of the Sun at this time of […]

March in the Arizona Desert

This is the start of my favorite month of the whole year in Arizona. The best part is the orange blossoms on the tree that add a sweet aroma to everywhere you go. Everyone is in a great mood since the weather is perfect, there is so much to do with Spring Training going on […]

Hanging with lots of WordPress fans at WordCamp Phx

I am sitting in a great room near downtown Phoenix learning more about WordPress multisites and enjoying listening to Boone sharing his passion for WordPress with all the fans in the room. I am still learning a lot about WP and blogging to enhance my experience in blogging.  I am getting tons of ideas just sitting here, […]

Hula Hoops for Change

I got out of my comfort zone last week when I enrolled in a Hoola Hoop exercise class I saw advertised.  It was at a dance studio in Tempe, AZ that I found on the weekly emails I receive from them.  They advertised the class as something fun to do for a work out.  […]

Green is the new Pink

With a name like Barbie you can imagine how much pink I have around me. It has always been one of my favorite colors. I know I have overdone it at times so now I have migrated towards an orange sherbert color for the most part. There is one other color that really has my […]

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