Warm Monday in January in the Arizona Desert

It seems like the typical January in the southest valley of Phoenix where the sun is shining, the air is clear and the temps are ideal for a round of golf or a nice hike in South Mountain Park. Who would want to be anywhere but the Valley of the Sun at this time of year?

There is so much to tease you when you are working this time of year with the weather calling you outside everyday. I could be roller skating, running, walking, shopping in one of the many outdoor malls (like Keirland Commons or San Tan Mall). Instead I am plugging away working in my business. Now that we have such incredible technology like the Ipad, Iphone, and WiFi everywhere there is no excuse not to be working, especailly when you are in the real estate business. Showing homes on a day like today to someone from North Dakota, Minnesota, or Canada would certainly result in them wanting to buy now. It it just too incredibly beautiful here not to buy. I love January because it reminds you that if you are blessed enough to live in Arizona then you have already won the lottery. Many people in the snow covered areas of the US plan all year to come here for just a week or two. I get to enjoy it year round. I know what you are now thinking, like what about the summers? Well, I have that one handled also, since I have a pool and I get in it at least 2-3 times a day and swim, play, work out so the summers have some challenges however I make lemonage out of those lemons.

Don’t waste your time thinking about it, plan your trip and come to the greater Phoenix area now. The opportunities are there to play, relax, and even check out our great real estate market.

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