Hula Hoops for Change

I got out of my comfort zone last week when I enrolled in a Hoola Hoop exercise class I saw advertised.  It was at a dance studio in Tempe, AZ that I found on the weekly emails I receive from them.  They advertised the class as something fun to do for a work out.  I was intrigued and moved forward with a registration.

I showed up early and went into the studio room where the class was getting ready to begin.  There were 4 other participants who looked relaxed and ready for the hour class.  We all picked out the hoola hoop that appealed to us.  The hoola hoops come in heavier weights that are hard to distinguish from just looking at them but I quickly learned not to be deceived by them.  I had to change after starting out to a lighter one. 

I thought that it would be easy just throwing the hoop around my waist and just doing it like I did when I was a kid.  I was quickly reminded that I was not a kid anymore and that my size was not the same either so the motions you have to do continually be doing to keep it up around your waist were quite different than I could remember.  Gee it has only been 40 years since I contemplated the hoola hoop.  Now I was doing battle with this crazy hoola hoop.  It kept wanting to fall down after every effort I was making to keep it up.  I was starting to sweat and think to myself  when is the fun part going to start in this class?  After about what seemed like 100 tries I was starting to get what I needed to be doing to keep this hoop circling my body regularly.  I would have it drop down again every now and then but I was starting to get the motion I needed to do to get it going and staying around my waist.  I  kept thinking that this was a lot more challenging than I ever anticipated. 

It turned out to be a good work out for me and I felt good about doing something new and different.  I also realized how valuable it is to seek out challenges like this that can have you seek out ways to get you thinking, acting, and being open to new things.  It was very refreshing to do something so out of the ordinary for me that day.  I started to look at my real estate business and in ways that I could get out of my comfort zone with what I have been doing for years.  I do know that it is changing quickly and I need to throw the mental hoola hoop for my mind so that I can be prepared for the challenges facing the industry.

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