Shopping with Social Media

I just heard on the financial news that one of my favorite stores, Chico’s has doubled
their sales recently.  That is amazing considering all the bad economic news so
you know they are doing something right in the marketplace.

I then started to think about how much Chico’s is communicating with me via”
Facebook.  Of course I am a Fan of them so I get daily updates.  I find out about
their sales every week.  I have been able to buy some clothes I like on sale.  I do
not shop that much anymore due to time and budgeting constraints. 

One of the best things they have done is to start to put videos of the Fall clothing line
with great music (like the music they play in their stores).  I watch most of them
since it only takes a minute and I am curious as to what they will be showing.

I started to think about my real estate business on Facebook.  We have  a fan page
and now we are spending a lot more time and energy making it a great experience.  It
The challenge is to make it so cool that our clients and potential clients will enjoy
it as much as I have with Chico’s.  That is one reason I love and embrace social
media.  It is fun and it reaches more people!  Get on board, the train is moving fast!

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