Green is the new Pink

With a name like Barbie you can imagine how much pink I have around me. It has always been one of my favorite colors. I know I have overdone it at times so now I have migrated towards an orange sherbert color for the most part. There is one other color that really has my attention these days and it is GREEN.

Green represents so many great things in our universe. It is more commonly referred to helping out the environment more than anything now – going green. I know that everyday I go through something green related. If you drink water out of a plastic bottle then you are not being very green.  It would be better to buy a few Sigg bottles and refill them.  I have one that says, “Green is the new pink” that inspired me writing this blog.

To be more serious about green and going green there are posts, blogs, articles on the web that embrace all the ways to go green and reduce, reuse, and recycle so that you reduce your carbon footprint on this earth.  You can google green and it will apply to just about any aspect of your life.  I have even gone to cloth napkins at home to remind me of the little things I can do daily to make a difference.  It can be that simple.

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