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Do you really know you?

I read a great article in the Oprah 2010 magazine titled, “New Year, New Virtual You” written by Farah Miller. I was amazed to find information about social media in Oprah already. It just goes to show you that social media has really taken the country by storm! The one webiste she shared that I […]

Make it a Green Christmas

I have been reading a lot of blogs and posts about all the green items you can buy as presents this Christmas. It is exciting to see all the choices from solar laptop chargers to solar ipod chargers. These items can be used by everyone, especially here in the desert of Arizona where the sun […]

Learning on Friday Morning at Chicago Title

My Friday started out great with a great learning experience with my social networking media instructors and advocates at Chicago Title – Gilbert. Bill Risser and Paul Guenther have been ouststanding teachers in sharing this growing technology that is marching quickly into every Realtors view daily. I am having a blast with all the new […]